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Descripción de actividad por localización

The most popular dance in Colombia is without doubt Salsa. Colombian salsa has its own unique style; the movements are typified by quick, intricate feet and a steady upper-body. There are many salsa schools in the country and many foreigners arrive on Colombia’s shores in the hope to learn some of Colombian salsa’s distinctive steps. To enjoy the best of Colombia’s salsa culture, we recommend heading to Cali, a city that lives and breathes salsa every day. Other typical dances are:  Cumbia, Vallenato and Reggaeton. Cumbia is based on the experience of slaves, although the modern incarnation of the dance is more of a courtship ritual- the male bowing to his female partner with a hand behind his back and the other holding a hat, as she spins courteously around him, holding her dress as she turns.  Vallenato means “born in the valley”, originally it was known as a way to tell stories through singing by travelers and uses accordion in its music.

Colombia is a culturally rich and diverse country, and its dance and music perfectly reflects that.