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The uniqueness of Colombia hides behind the fact that its topography allows a variety of climates, flora and fauna. The country ranks first in amphibians, butterflies and flower production and second in biodiversity in the world, with a range of 1,865 bird species. Due to its geographical location and rich nature, on the territory of Colombia today there are around 49 National Parks, 12 wildlife sanctuaries, 2 nature reserves, a unique area and a path park covering 11 million hectares of beautiful scenery, varied climates and soils and a great diversity of flora and fauna, along with more than 230 private nature reserves. One of the peculiarities of Colombia is that, between June and November every year, the country becomes home to over hundreds of species of birds, whales and sea turtles that visit the Pacific Coast for reproductive purposes, food and as a resting point during their migratory route.