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Manizales is a city in central Colombia and the capital city of the department of Caldas. Manizales is an important regional cultural and educational center. The city is also famous for its carnival during the first week in January. The fair in Manizales is part of the National Cultural Heritage.  For one week the city opens its doors for all kind of parades, exhibitions, sport events and dances that represent regional traditions. Furthermore Manizales hosts the Fiesta Brava, where the greatest Bullfighters in the world present their skills and the International Coffee Pageant, one of the most recognized pageants in America. 

The traditional food is characterized by the Antioquia region. The lunch usually consists of a soup starter made out of a variety of green bananas (plantain). As main dish you can find rice with fried pork, beef or chicken. The water quality in Manizales is excellent and gets considered as one of the 10 best drinking waters in the world.