Day Trips and Activities - Cartagena & Surroundings

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  • Itinerary

    Tagesausflug 1
    Totumo Volcano
    Tagesausflug 2
    Islas Del Rosario
    Tagesausflug 3
    City tour on Segways
    Tagesausflug 4
    Fisher village ”La Boquilla” - Bird Watching in the Mangroves during Sunset or Sunrise
    Tagesausflug 5
    Fisher village “La Boquilla” – Walking Ethno Tour at the Fishing Village
    Tagesausflug 6
    Fisher village “La Boquilla” – Mangroves Forest
    Tagesausflug 7
    Fisher village “La Boquilla” – Fishing and Native Cooking at the Afro- Cartagena Village
    Tagesausflug 8
    “La Boquilla” – Traditional Dance among native people at the Afro- Cartagena Village
    Tagesausflug 9
    “La Boquilla” – Mangrove Ecosystem and Punta Icacos Beach
    Tagesausflug 10
    “La Boquilla” – Volcano Totumo
    Day Trip 11
    City Tour by Bicycle
    Day Trip 12
    Visit the Mercado Bazurto
    Day Trip 13
    Coconut Workshop
    Day Trip 14
    Salsa class in a Beach Restaurant or in the Center
    Day Trip 15
    Horseback Riding along the Coasts Hinterland