Puerto Inírida

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Puerto Inírida is the capital of the Guainía department in the oriental Llanos of Colombia. It is one of the most astonishing destinations within Colombia and hosts one of the friendliest people of the country. But because of the accessibility it is one of the least visited destinations – even though you should not miss to visit this paradise. During the dry season you will find a lot of white-sanded beaches that border the coffee colored river (it is very clean though!). Enjoy a hike on one of the rocks in the surroundings to have an impressive view over the landscapes. Or get speechless by the view of Los Cerros when it rains. You will have the impression the rocks are crying. This is because of the waterfalls created through water accumulation in the vegetation spread on the rocks. Even though during this season, you will not be able to climb one of the rocks. Besides this natural wonder you can also find the star river of the South in this region. The so-called “Estrella Fluvial del Sur” is the convergence of 3 of the biggest rivers in Colombia: the Orinoco, Giaviare and Atabapo. This place will impress you with its landscape of many huge rocks as well as the different colors that each river is carrying. If you head further on, you will find a magical place where the river Atabapo turns its colors from yellow to red and blue surrounded by white sandy beaches. Here you can also discover the old property of a former drug boss. Furthermore, this region is home to many indigenous communities. During a visit you can get to know more about their different cultures. Also, learn about the flower of Inírida! It is a beautiful and very unique flower, endemic to one of the oldest regions of the world: Guyana. The flower is made of solid pins disposed in a helical shape; Colors vary from pale pink to vivid red. Enjoy your stay in one of the most untouched places of Colombia!