Sample Tour - 15 days "Natural beauties of Colombia"

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  • Itinerary

    Arrival Bogotá
    Tag 2
    Day hike in the Chingaza National Park
    Tag 3
    City Tour Bogotá & Lagoon Guatavitá
    Tag 4
    Transfer to Hato la Aurora
    Tag 5 - 6
    Hato la Aurora
    Tag 7
    Return to Bogotá and flight to the Coffee Triangle
    Tag 8
    Visit Salento and the valley of Cocora
    Tag 9
    Tour around a coffee plantation “Experience the world of coffee”
    Tag 10
    Flight to Riohacha & visit “Camarones” / La Guajira
    Tag 11
    Transfer to Cabo de la Vela / La Guajira
    Tag 12
    Visit indigenous community of Wayúu Indians / La Guajira
    Tag 13
    Transfer to Tayrona National Park
    Tag 14
    Free Day in Tayrona National Park
    Tag 15
    Departure Santa Marta