Santa Marta & Taganga

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Santa Marta the town was founded July 29th 1525 by Rodrigo de Bastidas, it is said to be the oldest town of South America. It is the capital city of the department of Magdalena. Its beautiful location gives the city its own special charm and the unique architectural cultural heritage attracts many tourists. Besides Santa Marta is a popular stop for tourists travelling to the close by Tayrona National Park or the small fisherman’s village Taganga, which surrounds a timeless atmosphere. We can find all kinds of seafood everywhere; there is, as well, a wide variety of fruits. An example dish for this region is “Grouper à la Caribbean”. The meal is served with the typical ingredients of the Colombian cuisine, fried plantains and coconuts.

Taganga, a typical fishermen’s village where several diving schools have their headquarters, is famous for its sunsets, which can be watched from any of its many beach kiosks while enjoying a meal or a snack. The profuse biodiversity of the region is an object of study by scientists from all over the world, who come to this mysterious land to visit its incredible national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.